Chinese herbal insecticide

  • BMQ For Spider mites
BMQ For Spider mites

BMQ For Spider mites

  • Specification: 100mL/ bottle, 500mL/ bottle or as clients request



New plant-based herbal extract preparation

Significant effect for the larvae and adults

No resistance to pesticides, elimination of the resistance

Fast action and long duration

Good synergistic effect when mixed with pesticides 

Chemical pesticide-free, hormone-free, residue-free, no side-effect, high safety for plants and the environment

 To Solve:  

Red spider, white spider, yellow spider and all mites, aphids, whitefly, plant louse, etc.

  Application & Dosage:  

Dilution 2000 times in water, Blend with your ovicide, spray the whole plant carefully Two times within 5 days.( once every 3-5 days for 2-3 times in a row)

Prevention: Detail dosage according to local dosing habit

 To Solve:  

New plant-based herbal extract preparation

and LVT unique technology





PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图14)

PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图15)

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