Chinese herbal insecticide

  • BXQ for nematode
BXQ for nematode

BXQ for nematode

  • Specification: 1L/ bottle or as clients request



New plant-based herbal extract preparation full of astragalus, wormwood, xanthium, leonurine, yuzhu polysaccharide, gentiopicrin, borneol and other concentrated essence

Excellent control and cracking effect on adult insects and eggs

No resistance to the nematode.  elimination of the resistance to pesticide 

Fast-action and long duration

Good synergistic effect when mixed with pesticides or nematocides

Chemical pesticide-free, hormone-free, residue-free, no side-effect, high safety for plants and the environment


Significantly reduce the incidence of root infection by root-knot nematodes by supplementing the content of targeted Chinese herbs in soil

Fully activate the immune physiological function of crops with the natural active substances contained

Strengthen the crop resistance, and protect and restore the root system

 To Solve:  

Various root knot nematodes, stem nematodes and aphelenchoides

  Application & Dosage:  

Application methods Dosage/acre

Root sprinkling 3000-6000mL/acre(Dilution times: 1000-2000 )

Drip irrigation 6000-12000mL/acre

Flush application 12000-18000mL/acre

 To Solve:  

New plant-based herbal extract preparation

and LVT unique technology





PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图14)

PGPA15 (Clear liquid Fertilizer)(图15)

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